Base AO Sachem L Blue


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Más Información
Peso 1508
Concavity N/A
Deck Neck Monoblock
Deck headtube Integrado
Ancho de deck 132 mm
Longitud de deck 584 mm
Headtube angle 83
Headtube height 106
Footspace 410
Deck-end Box-end
Griptape included No
Deck | Wheel Diameter Compatibility 100, 110, 115, 120, 125
Ancho del cubo de la rueda 24 mm
Deck | Wheel PU Width Compatibility 24 mm
Brake type Fender
Thermal processing T6
Material Aluminium
The full 5.2” width allows you to double peg without pegs and give you for more control and comfort. It comes with a square tail which eliminates the need for pegs and fiberglass reinforced Nylon plugs to protect the dropouts. An integrated nut allows for one-hand tightening of the axle bolt. New is a double fender which prevents the wheel from catching when grinding a rail or ledge. Also new is the width of the grind rails, which at 1 ¼” (32 mm) provide the perfect balance between speed and control.